All Results Based on Water Viscosity.


To some, pump feedback might be as interesting as watching chess.  But we sure like it and we want to hear about your Oberdorfer™ Pumps user experience.  Tell us your story, and we’ll share it with the industry.  Hearing from our customers is how we improve.


Here’s what our customers are saying: 


“I am sending you this email to tell you how happy my customers in the Oilfield Services have been over the past two years with your CHEMSTEEL™ brand of pumps, the S21416CZ, S92316CZ and S93516CZ in particular. They are using the S214 pumps for 6GPM chemical injection, in place of the small triplex pumps they had been using for years, and the S923 pumps for 14GPM chemical injection also along with the S935 model for 22GPM for friction reducer. The larger pump is replacing PC pumps that they have been using. I am happy to say that they have told me they like the way your pumps operate and don’t have to replace parts nearly as often as they used to do with the other lines of pumps they were using. I have even been able to sell them some of your pumps for new chem-add pump trucks as well as new blender pump units. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you over the next years.”

- Craig Hill, Master Pumps & Equipment


“Oberdorfer™’s CHEMSTEEL™ line of alloy and non-metallic gear pumps has been a tremendous asset for our company. We have solved several customer applications challenges with this versatile, economical, yet rugged pump. The folks at Oberdorfer™ have made CHEMSTEEL™ pumps the most comprehensive and versatile chemical-duty gear pump available in the market. The choice of seals (or magnetic coupled), bearing materials and adapters for mounting allow for countless configurations to offer our customers. CHEMSTEEL™  is truly a winner. And will be for our company for years to come!”

- Jeff Allen, Sales Manager, Depco Pump Co.


I just wanted to say thank you for the help on the sulfuric acid application from a couple of months ago and update you on the outcome. To date there has been no downtime in that area of the plant. The CHEMSTEEL™ pump has worked great. If you recall, it was a difficult application. Our customer had tried several different styles of pumps with varying degrees of success. It seemed with each pump they would solve one problem only to find another. After they got us involved and we got you involved, the pieces started to fall into place. They really like the simple, sturdy design and small footprint of the CHEMSTEEL™ pump. The added control that they have now over their process due to the range of flow has just added value to the product. We have another satisfied customer and you helped Industro live up to its motto – INDUSTRO: ‘People and things that work.’ ”

- Jeff Tinsley, Industro Equipment & Supply